Reaching out to the entire campus or targeting specific class years or majors, our four main services allow us to offer tailored advertising solutions to your specific needs.

In a rush? Don't have printed materials? We can accommodate that too.


Lamppost postering 

Our most popular option! The average student spends an hour a day walking around campus. Choose how many posters you want displayed, and we will put them on lampposts in high-traffic areas where students will see them.

50 posters - $120 (100-200 posters are best to cover the campus)

Bulletin board postering

Nearly all Princeton buildings have bulletin boards, which are seen by students in dormitories, lecture buildings, study areas, and dining halls. We distribute your materials in key buildings to maximize visibility.

Half Campus (100 posters) - $250

Full Campus (200 posters) - $470


Door-to-door delivery*

Our most effective option! We deliver your flyer to every undergraduate dormitory on campus. Our most effective service for maximizing campus exposure, as 98% of Princeton undergraduates live on campus.

Half Campus (Underclassmen or Upperclassmen dorms) - $750

Full Campus (Underclassmen and Upperclassmen dorms) - $1100


table tent distribution**

Nearly all undergraduates eat at the dining halls or Frist Campus Center. How best to catch the eye of students than at the least busy moments of their day? We distribute your materials to each table at these locations.

260 Table Tents in 6 Dining Halls - $470


* Rush option not available for this service

** Publicity materials subject to approval by the University

Timing of delivery and rush options

We deliver materials within 3 days of their reception. However, if you're under time constraints, we offer rush options for most services.

2-Day Rush Option - +25% surcharge

1-Day/Overnight Rush - +30% surcharge